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Luxury Concierge Membership

Travuluxe Black is the most trusted of the top private concierge companies in the Caribbean, providing hassle free and reliable membership access to the finest lifestyle, entertainment, members' clubs, dining, travel and much more. If you are a true A-LUXER then our memberships we're designed just for you. Our main goal for our members is to increase there ROT (Return of Time). We understand the worth and value of time especially when you don't have enough of it so come join our club now to spend less time planning and more time executing. 

With over 25 years' experience, our concierge services in the Caribbean ensure members can safely access the inaccessible and enjoy the time and space they need to enjoy life's little luxuries. Our invite-only concierge services helps you save time, money and stress which means that you never miss out and can still focus on your very busy lifestyle.

As experts in a tailor-made concierge, we offer three exclusive luxury concierge membership packages to suit your needs. All potential members have to submit an application and receive an approval in order to join our club. We prefer this method to make sure we can work directly with all of our members versus making our service open to the public. We offer over 15 different services that range from travel planning to reservation placements to private security. Please contact us if you would like help deciding which of of our concierge memberships is right for you.

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Bronze Membership

This short-term, highly personalized membership is designed for international visitors traveling to the Caribbean, bringing inspiration, flexibility and exclusive benefits to your personal and professional life.

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Silver Membership

Being ideal for those who are looking for a more basic level of concierge service, the Silver Membership can help you navigate through this luxury way of living, saving you precious time and proving exclusive access.


Black Membership

For a more premium level of membership, the Black membership is for the top A-LUXERS, individuals or businesses wanting the ultimate concierge experience - offering an exclusive service catered to the most elite entrepreneurs and corporations in the world. With our Black Memberships you gain exclusive access to all of our services, perks, discounts and VIP service. 

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Join the Club

Membership Applications Will Be Opening in 2024!

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