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Enjoy Summer all year around! The greatest moments of your life has just begun with ocean breeze, turquoise water, a peace of mind and a great team to guide you all around Paradise. 


Travuluxe is the best way to travel.


Travuluxe was established in 2021. We are a multi-service travel company that prides itself in bringing personalized service to all our guests. We offer the following services: boat chartering, private car service, condo/villa vacation rentals and travel packages. We are experienced, knowledgeable, and passionate about exceeding our customers expectations and strive to deliver the best in traveling to all our valuable guests.


The Caribbean has become one of the most visited tourist location in the world and slowly continues to grow. With some of the best beaches and sceneries in the world there's no other feeling like the Island breeze!


Our team has over 20 years of experience in the travel, concierge and business industry. Our goal is to bring some modernization to the travel industry and make the travel experience more seamless by utilizing state of the art technology to enhance the travel service industry. Whether it's future plans of mobilizing our service by providing a user friendly application or accepting payments by using Bitpay (Bitcoin/Ethereum) or offering our exclusive VIP membership cards to access a bunch of perks throughout the Caribbean our plan is to bring your traveling experience into the 21st century.

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